118“A Place for Open and Honest Conversations” – with Jennifer Thomas, Co-host of Honestly Unfiltered Podcasts | Episode 118
117Ladies: If You Want Swanky, Have I Got The Place For You – With Gretchen Bauer, Founder/Designer, BSwanky Luxury Handbags Episode | 117
116What’s Next for Arguably the Most Iconic Company on The SunCoast – With Drayton Saunders, President of Michael Saunders & Company | Episode 116
115Sarasota’s Newest Coffee Shop Right Next to the Water – with Patrick Robinson, Owner of Coast to Coast Coffee | Episode 115
114NASA, The NFL and Even the US Government Turns to This Local Company For Leadership Help – with Blair Bloomston, Game On Nation | Episode 114
113Meet the Woman Helping to Make Our Health Care System World Class – with Stacey Corley, President Sarasota Memorial Health Care Foundation | Episode 113
112From Youth Pastor to High-Flying Jet Broker? You Heard That Right – with Tom Lelyo – President: Jet Life Aero | Episode 112
111Meet the Man Leading This Incredible Master Planned Community – with Rick Severance, President, Wellen Park | Episode 111
110Why Ice Cream & Coffee Can Be an Act of Love and Caring – with Cofounder Beaver Shriver of Rye’s and Nye’s | Episode 110
109Did You Know About the Great Work this Community Fund is Doing? – with Adrienne Bookhamer, Executive Director Lakewood Ranch Community Fund | Episode 109
108A Simple Idea Has Implications For The Yards of Millions of Americans – with Ken Kwiatkowski – President/CEO at Grass Hole Corporation | Episode 108
107Professional Soccer in Sarasota? It’s True – with Marcus Walfridson, Owner of Sarasota Paradise | Episode 107
106Part 2: Top Real Estate Advisor Shares What’s Happening Now in Residential & Commercial – with Clint Kasten of Sotheby’s International Realty | Episode 106
105Part 1: Top Real Estate Advisor Shares What’s Happening Now in Residential & Commercial – with Clint Kasten of Sotheby’s International Realty | Episode 105
104What About Bob? The Voice Behind the Show – with Bob Williams, Host of the Sarasota Stories Podcast | Episode 104
103100+ Episodes and Counting – With Bob Williams, Host of Sarasota Stories Podcast | Episode 103
102Archive Dive: A Look Back w/Local Icon Michael Klauber of Michael’s on East | Bonus 2
101Archive Dive: A Look Back w/Bitcoin Pioneer Charlie Shrem | Bonus 1
100Part 2: An Amish Internet Company? Yes, You Heard That Right – with Jim Miller Founder/CEO of JMX Brands | Episode 100
99Part 1: An Amish Internet Company? Yes, You Heard That Right – with Jim Miller Founder/CEO of JMX Brands | Episode 099
98Listen Up Men – Look Your Best in 2023 – with Donald Carlson, Founder of Tweeds Suit Shop | Episode 098
97Hello 2023! Time to Get in Shape – With Fitness Trainer Aaron Gooding | Episode 097
96Tips to Improve Our Mental Health in 2023 – with Denise Shonwald -Author, Registered Nurse & Nationally Licensed Mental Health Counsellor | Episode 096
95Meet the First Woman to Lead One of Sarasota’s Most Iconic Law Firms – With Telese Zuberer, Shareholder/President of Icard Merrill | Episode 095
94Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah Looking. Forward to a Wonderful New Year | Episode 094
93Have You Been to This 83-Year-Old Tropical Garden? – With Britany Webb, Coordinator & Animal Supervisor Sarasota Jungle Gardens | Episode 093
92What You Should Know About the Local Comedy & Improv Scene – With Will Luera, Director of Improvisation Florida Studio Theater in Sarasota | Episode 092
91A Unique Way Two Friends Help Others in Our Town – With Christin Lilly & Terra Tominelli, Founders of SRQ FASHIONS. Inc | Episode 091
90You Say Humor and Business Don’t Go Together? Think Again – with Business Consultant & Comic Dr. Kerry Szymanski | Episode 090
89Meet the Visionary Woman Leading This Award-Winning Media Firm – with President, CEO & Owner, Allison Imre of Grapevine Communications | Episode 089
8825 Years Later: Where Would We Be Without This Giving Organization? – with Veronica Thames: COO – Gulf Coast Community Foundation | Episode 088
87Leading Sarasota County’s Only 5-Star Rated Hospital Through Covid and Hurricane Ian – with David Verinder, CEO at Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Systems | Episode 087
86Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving -with Bob Williams, Host of Sarasota Stories Podcast | Episode 086
85Man’s Best Friend is on Full Display Right Here – with Sean Brown Assoc. Dir. of Philanthropy – Southeastern Guide Dogs | Episode 085,
84This Dance Studio Recently Tripled It’s Space – Here’s Why – with Tiana Ramirez, Owner Sarasota Fred Astaire Dance Studio | Episode 084
84The Man Non-Profit Boards Turn To For Help With Their Strategic Plans – with Michael Corley – Founder & CEO OF The Corley Company | Episode 084
82For Me This Supplement Is The Real Deal – with Anne-Marie Chalmers & Bo Martinsen, Co-Founders of Omega3 Innovations | Episode 082
81Just When You Think You’re a “Good Person” You Meet an Organization Like This — with Steve Tybor – President & CEO: Eight Days of Hope | Episode 081,
80An Animal Rescue Shelter Unlike Any You’ve Ever Seen – with Rob Oglesby, Director for Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue | Episode 080,
79Meet the Man Helping to Solve Sarasota’s Workforce Housing Problem – with Mark Vengroft, Managing Partner – One Stop Housing | Episode 079
78Do You Have A Loved One Who Has Speech or Swallowing Problems? – with Maggie Donaker, Owner of Transcend Speech and Swallowing Solutions | Episode 078
77Hundred of Animals Helped. Sarasota County Humane Society Responds to Hurricane Ian – with Marketing Coordinator, Alissa Jackson | Episode 077,
76OK Ladies Here’s Personal Branding Help as You Move into a New Stage of Life – with Sandy Hapoienu of Styling Sessions | Episode 076
75157 Years Later and Still Helping Disaster Victims, the Homeless and the Downtrodden – with Colonel Michele Matthews – Area Commander Sarasota Salvation Army | Episode 075,
74Fighting Hunger and Hurricanes – with Sandra Frank, CEO All Faiths Food Bank | Episode 074,
73Red Tide Research: Here’s the Latest at Mote – with Kevin Claridge, Mote VP for Sponsored Research & Coastal Policy | Episode 073
72Faith, Family, Fiber Optics – All with an International Flair – with Jeneth D’Alonzo CEO, Diversified Material Specialist Inc | Episode 072,
71Clearly the Best Deal in Boating – with Nick Thomas, Senior Director of Club Operations at Freedom Boat Club | Episode 071
70It’s True. This Park Adds $200 million to Our Local Economy – with Stephen V. Rodriguez – President Nathan Benderson Park Conservancy | Episode 070
69Have a Problem with Your Reputation? Call Adam –With Adam Petrilli Founder and CEO at NetReputation.com | Episode 069,
68If you Love Cats This Episode is for You – with Payton Davis Cat Depot | Episode 068,
67Meet the Dynamic Woman Leading One of Sarasota’s Most Essential Business Organizations – With Heather Kasten, President/CEO Sarasota Chamber | Episode 067,
66The Top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes. Plus I Need a Little Advice from My Friends | Episode 066
65Two Women Leading the Florida Native Plants Movement – With Laurel & Annie Schiller of Florida Native Plants Nursery | Episode 065
64Rising to the Top While Creating Florida’s #1 Airport – With CEO/President Rick Piccolo | Episode 064
63Why this Organization Believes “Good Beginnings Last a Lifetime” – with Michelle Kapreilian CEO 40 Carrots Family Center | Episode 063
62A Personal Recommendation: Take a Day-trip to This Wonderful Old Florida Citrus Farm – with Janet Mixon, Owner Mixon Fruit Farms | Episode 062
61A Bright Future for a Rising Star in the Wealth & Retirement Industry – With Charles Bryant, Founder of Lone Star Wealth Management | Episode 061
60Meet the Dynamic Woman Leading Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance – with Brittany Lamont | Episode 060,
59Why I Read the Business Observer and You Should Too – With Mark Gordon Managing Editor, Business Observer | Episode 059
58Meet the Man Who Ensures Integrity of Sarasota County Elections – With Ron Turner Supervisor of Elections | Episode 058
57You’ll be Hearing Big Things Soon From This Local Up and Coming Artist – with Me Umbra Music | Episode 057,
56If You Have a Yard or Grow Medical Marijuana You Definitely Need to Listen to This — with Scott Allshouse of Sarasota Green Group | Episode 056,
55Making Waves in the Movie Business – With Courtney Warner Shrem | Episode 055
54She Leads the Largest Chamber of Commerce on the Suncoast – with Jacki Dezelski, President/CEO of Manatee Chamber of Commerce | Episode 054,
53Meet the Woman Leading the Master Plan at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens – With Jennifer Rominiecki | Episode 053
52Sex Trafficking Right Here in Sarasota and The Organization Dealing with it Head-on – With Stacey Efaw of SelahFreedom.com | Episode 052,
51The Voice Behind the Podcast – With Bob Williams Host of the Sarasota Stories Podcast | Episode 51,
50THE Original Bitcoin Pioneer Living Right Here in Sarasota — With Charlie Shrem of The Untold Stories Podcast | Episode 050,
49A Major Revenue Driver in the Sarasota Tourism Industry – With Nate Sweetman of Visit Sarasota | Episode 049
48Meet a Real Life Ninja Warrior Living Right Here in Sarasota – with Kyle McCreight | Episode 048
47How My Friend Turned Tragedy into Triumph and Strives to Bring Order to Our Healthcare Record System – With Char Creel of Precisllc.com | Episode 047,
46Why a Brazilian Couple Bought a Big Purple Truck – With Anny Scarabelli of PurpleBol.Com | Episode 046,
45Absolutely the Coolest Concept in Adult Day Care Centers — with Michael Finn – of Town Square Sarasota | Episode 045
44A “Champion for the Underdog” Overcomes Financial and Professional Setbacks to Build a Successful Digital Agency – with Chris Williams of Aginto.com | Episode 044
43He Looks Just Like Thor and Owns a Training Center to Match – with Bryce Johnston of Asgard Training Center | Episode 043
42Insider Information from a 28-year, Sarasota Police Force Veteran – With Captain Demetri Konstantopoulos | Episode 042
41Could it Be? A Healthy Drink from Colonial Times Making a Comeback – with Tony Zook Founder of Colonial Shrubs | Episode 041
40Ancient Hungarian Pastry Leads to a New Life and a Thriving Business – with Aniko Gulyas, Owner of Kurtos Chimney Cakes | Episode 040
39A Very Special Woman Running a Very Special School Right Here in Sarasota — with Dr. Sherika Evans of Suncoast School for Innovative Studies | Episode 039
38Here’s One Company Making its Mark in the Florida Festival Business — with Brett Cecere of Florida Penguin Productions | Episode 038
37Two Artist Friends Having a Blast Helping Other Artists Get Their Art Shown — with Elizabeth Goodwill & Barbera Gerdeman of Creative Liberties Artist | Episode 037
36To Athletes and Fitness Buffs Who Want to Heal and Compete at a Higher Level — with Dr. Michael Sclafani of Tideline Sports Performance and Rehabilitation | Episode 036
35What Everybody Should Know About the Health Benefits of Fermentation – with Sharon Juraszek of Fermentlicious | Episode 035
34A Very Cool, Fun & Completely New Concept in the Seafood Restaurant Niche — With Owner, Mike Martin of Reefcakes Seafood Restaurant | Episode 034,
33If the Stories in This Episode Don’t Warm Your Heart Nothing Will — With Philip Tavill of Children First | Episode 033,
32Unfathomable Tragedy Leads One Amazing Woman to Bring Greater Safety, Hope and Healing for Thousands — with Melissa Wandall of The Mark Wandall Foundation | Episode 032
31Do You Want More Than Just Business Connections? – with Kathy Lehner, CEO/President Venice Chamber of Commerce | Episode 031,
30Saving and Serving Sarasota’s Most Vulnerable — with Jessica Hays of SPARCC | Episode 030
29A Brother… A Sister… Best Friends With Cake! — With Nathan and Laura Zammit | Episode 029
28With A Name Like Boombacha Kombucha it Has To Be Good! — With Rob Manley | Episode 028
27The Coolest, Artsiest, Friendliest, Undiscovered Gem in Sarasota — with Kim Livengood of The Bazaar on Apricot & Lime | Episode 027
26Ancient Greek Food with a Modern Twist — with Johnathan Simos of Greek Triangles | Episode 026
25Food Security. A Small Group Making a Big Difference in Sarasota — with Joyce Norris of Transition Sarasota | Episode 025
24Imagine. Teaching English to Students From 6, 7 or even 8 Countries in One Classroom – With Elena Farkas of Project Light of Manatee | Episode 024
23It’s Not What You Think – What Everybody Should Know About the Tidewell Foundation — with Debbie Mason | Episode 023
22How One Entrepreneur is Gaining Traction in the Local Hot Sauce Space – With Andy Duffy | Episode 022,
21The Newest Farmer’s Market You Have to Experience –With Ashley Millington- Founder, Meadows Farmers Market | Episode 021
20Announcing The Best Kept Secret for Businesses Wanting to Expand or Relocate to Sarasota County – with Lisa Krouse & Erin Silk of the Economic Development Corporation | Episode 020
19The Greatest Show On Earth – Right Here in Sarasota – with Jennifer Mitchell of The Circus Arts Conservatory | Episode 019
18Why One US Soldier Studied California Wines While Fighting in Iraq — with Vigo Onstad | Episode 018
17Why I Was Wrong About the Opera and You Might Be Too — With Richard Russell of The Sarasota Opera | Episode 017
16Announcing… After a Two-year Hiatus… The Return of The Best Music Festival in the Florida — with Nick Katona of ROSFEST | Episode 016
15A 50 Year Old, Family Owned Business Still Going Strong – with Susan Higbee | Episode 015
14Where Christian Business Leaders Go to Connect – With Jennifer Klobuchar | Episode 014
13Facing the Sarasota Homeless Problem Head-On – with Megan Howell of Second Heart Homes | Episode 013
12SunServed Bespoke Picnics on the Beach – With Owner, Reni | Episode 012
11Shining a Light on Black Cowboy History with Mifflin Lowe | Episode 011
10Michael’s On Easts – A Visionary Restauranteur and Renaissance Man — with Michael Klauber | Episode 010
9Meet the New Manager of the Sarasota Farmers’ Market — With Amber Rusch | Episode 009
8Possibly the Fittest Gym Owners Around – with Michael Springer Of Anytime Fitness Osprey | Episode 008
7Ancient Mediterranean Recipes — at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market | Episode 007
6Healing Florida’s Waterways Using Native Plants, Native Fish, All Native Florida | Episode 006
5Managing Two Restaurants During Covid – With Greg Campbell of The Grove & Pier 22 Restaurants | Episode 005,
4Cutting Edge Health Advice Combining Ancient Remedies with Modern Science with Dr. Victoria Andarcia of Healthful Roots | Episode 004
3He Created Two World-Class Hearing Organizations – with Herbert Silverstein of The Silverstein Institute | Episode 003,
2Expanding Florida’s Information Highway — with Michael Kenyon, Uniti Fiber |Episode 002
1Where to Find a Trusted Caregiver -with Jeff Hapoienu, Lifeworx | Episode 001
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