Possibly the Fittest Gym Owners Around – with Michael Springer Of Anytime Fitness Osprey | Episode 008

The fastest growing fitness franchise in the US and possibly the world is Anytime Fitness with more than 4500 locations state-side and sites in 50+ countries. I’ve been a member for over ten years now and love it. One reason is I can use any, Anytime Fitness affiliate when I travel. So I’ve been to their gyms in Texas, Ohio, Florida and in Santiago, Chile. Still, my favorite location is my hometown gym right here in Osprey. 

Today I’m pleased to have as my guest, Michael Springer, the owner of the Anytime Fitness gym in Osprey, FL. As you’ll find, Michael has worked in a lot of different industries but has always been focused on his health and staying in shape. Three years ago Michael along with his wife Jolene invested in an Anytime Fitness franchise to realize his dream of being a gym owner. Michael will share with us what led him to choose to partner with Anytime Fitness… what it’s like to be a gym owner… how he chose the equipment to buy… the classes they offer… mistakes that many of us gym goers make in our routines… and much, much more.

I’m so glad you joined us today and as always it is my hope that you will listen, learn and connect!