Professional Soccer in Sarasota? It’s True – with Marcus Walfridson, Owner of Sarasota Paradise | Episode 107

This area is growing drastically so it is no wonder that the sports scene is growing too. One aspiring soccer coach from Sweden has a unique perspective on how to bring a professional club to Sarasota while connecting the team to our community.

It is my pleasure to welcome Marcus Walfridson, Owner of SarasotaParadise.US.

In this episode, you’ll learn …

  • One thing most people don’t know about Marcus
  • Why he chose to become a professional soccer coach
  • Tips from his’ Book: Lessons From The Beautiful Game: How to become a more efficient coach
  • Why Marcus is starting a USL professional team in Sarasota
  • Where to get tickets
  • … and much … much … more!

Thank you for listening in as it’s my hope you will listen, learn .. and connect!

Marcus Walfridson was born in Hammerdal, Sweden.

He has more than a decade of experience as a professional coach from the grassroots level to the UEFA Champions league. Marcus’ coaching career culminated in a Quarterfinal Matchup in the Women’s Champions League against Manchester City.

After he finished coaching, Marcus found his calling in coaching coaches and utilizing his previous experience and knowledge to help others. He has consulted with top US and Scandinavian clubs and coaches. He sees his book “Lessons from the Beautiful Game” as an extension of this service.

Recently, Marcus has transitioned into the world of sports business through the founding of Audigr Group Inc. As a sports entrepreneur, Marcus will continue to apply his knowledge to help others realize their dreams.