A Major Revenue Driver in the Sarasota Tourism Industry – With Nate Sweetman of Visit Sarasota | Episode 049

Everyone knows that tourism is a major economic pillars of our community. But have you ever wondered how professionals in the travel and tourism industry learn about us? Or how all those snowbirds found Sarasota in the first place?

In today’s episode, you find out!

I’m very pleased to have on the show today, Nate Sweetman, Communications and Public Relations Coordinator with Visit Sarasota.

Nate is going to share with us…

  • What it was like working for the Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions, and The IRONMAN Group as a public relations specialist
  • What Visit Sarasota, does and how it promotes our community
  • What most people would be surprised to know about this organization
  • Why you should consider joining Visit Sarasota if your business is connected in any way to the tourism industry
  • … and much much more!

Thank you for joining us today.

It is my hope that you will listen … learn. … connect!