This Big Believer in Public Service Is The Same Person Who Warns US When Hurricanes Are Coming – With Jamie Carson | Episode 145

Some residents are very tuned-in to our local government, while others are not.

I used to be in the latter category. However, I changed my mind after speaking with today’s guest who plays a critical role in broadcasting not only everyday governmental affairs but also such things as how to protect yourself during pandemics, Red Tides, and hurricanes.

I’m very pleased to welcome Jamie Carson, Director of Communications for Sarasota County.

In this episode, you’ll learn …

  • One thing most people don’t know about Jamie
  • Why she’s such a big believer in Public Service
  • What it was like knowing Cat-4 hurricane Ian was going to hit our county causing major damage
  • A hurricane story that will warm your heart
  • Why you should dial 311 Connect if you need to reach out to our local government
  • … and much… much … more!

Thank you for tuning in today as it’s my hope you will listen … learn … and connect!

About Jamie

Jamie Carson is a motivated public affairs professional with 24 years of expertise in public information, government relations, media relations, community engagement, crisis communications, marketing, social media management, and public policy.

She has extensive experience in planning and executing internal and external strategies and plans that communicate an organization’s mission and programs. Award-winning creative talent with demonstrated strength in producing multi-media presentations, brochures, websites, photography, news and feature articles, graphics, and other communication materials for a wide variety of audiences. Reputation for integrity, dedication, analytical skills, problem-solving abilities, and work ethic. Works well individually or as a team member.

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