It’s Not What You Think – What Everybody Should Know About the Tidewell Foundation — with Debbie Mason | Episode 023

Most of us think of our life’s work in terms of career. It may be as an employee, business owner, or civic leader. Still, it’s a career. But there are some professions where the work is much more of a calling. These professions usually attract professionals that want to serve by providing extraordinary care and dignity that is required to serve a fellow human being in great need.

Today my guest is Debbie Mason, President of The Tidewell Foundation and Executive Vice President of Tidewell Hospice. She joined Tidewell Hospice in October 2019 bringing experience in philanthropy, strategic planning, communications, and organizational management. 

She’s responsible for providing leadership and management of Tidewell’s philanthropic and earned revenue services, including the Tidewell Foundation, the Treasures resale stores, and other earned revenue ventures. 

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Why Debbie chose a career in philanthropy.
  • What most people don’t know about Tidewell.
  • The difference between helping adults and children during the grieving process.
  • How far Tidewell’s reach is local.
  • How you can get involved

… and much, much more.

I’m so glad you joined us today and as always it is my hope that you will listen, learn and connect!