Meet the Man Who Ensures Integrity of Sarasota County Elections – With Ron Turner Supervisor of Elections | Episode 058

Remember the 2000 Presidential Election between George Bush and Al Gore? It was incredibly controversial on many levels.

Adding to that controversy was Florida’s vote counting mess with “hanging chads” and questions of the overall vote integrity.

So what about Sarasota County’s election process today? Are the officials on top of things?

I encourage you to listen in because I think after today’s episode you’ll know we are indeed in very capable hands.

I’m very happy to have on the show, Ron Turner Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections.

In today’s episode Supervisor Turner will share …

  • Where his interest in the political system first started
  • What his main responsibilities are as Supervisor
  • Misconceptions some may have about the local electoral process
  • The extensive steps taken for voter integrity
  • … and much much more!

Thank you for listening … learning … and connecting!