Ancient Greek Food with a Modern Twist — with Johnathan Simos of Greek Triangles | Episode 026

If you’re a true foodie you may have heard of Spanakopita. It is a Greek, savory pie made with phyllo bread and filled with spinach and other goodies. It has been around since the fifth century. But one local entrepreneur is putting a new twist on this dish by making the name easier for newbies to pronounce and adding his own ingredients to take this dish to a whole new level.

My guest today is Jonathan Simos. He’s a certified fitness trainer by day but his true passion is making spanakopita more accessible to the average person. Jonathan’s love for his ancestral heritage and food as a second-generation Greek is the catalyst that made him start his newest venture — Greek Triangles.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Why Jonathan started Greek Triangles.
  • How he makes this traditional food he grew up with.
  • What’s different about the style that he makes.
  • Where you can purchase these wonderful savory pies.

…. and much, much more …

Thank you for stopping by and it is my hope that you will listen, learn, and most importantly connect!