What You Should Know About the Local Comedy & Improv Scene – With Will Luera, Director of Improvisation Florida Studio Theater in Sarasota | Episode 092

For a small city, we’re famous for our art scene. Front and center are our opera, symphony, and art galleries. But what about the art of comedy and improv?

Today, I’m pleased to welcome, Will Luera, Director of Improvisation at the Florida Studio Theater in Sarasota.

In this episode, you’ll learn …

  • One thing most people don’t know about Will.
  • Why Will chose a career pivot from technology to improv.
  • Behind the scenes look at the improv/comedy industry.
  • Why maybe you should consider learning a little improve.
  • Where you can see Will in action.
  • And much much more!

Thank you for stopping by today I hope you will listen … learn … and connect!