Most Leaders Agree It’s The Biggest Problem Our Community Faces – with Jon Thaxton | Episode 133

I was always worried about Siesta Beach being named the #1 beach in America.

To me, it was the kiss of death as I believed the title would draw hundreds of thousands of new tourists from across the US thus ruining the quaintness many of us have loved about the place.

Given the now ever-expanding parking lot –which always seems full — I think my concerns were warranted. The beauty (and marketing) of the beach meant that demand would skyrocket while the supply was limited.

Sarasota Housing is in a similar predicament.

Throngs of new residents have discovered us but the supply of reasonably-priced homes hasn’t been able to keep up. And now, we have an affordable housing crisis.

Today’s guest and I will explore this topic to see if there is a solution for this problem which has been building for years.

Hi I’m your host Bob Williams and I’m very happy to welcome Jon Thaxton, Senior Vice President for Community Leadership of The Gulf Coast Community Foundation.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn …

One thing most people don’t know about Jon.

  • What he learned as a young real estate agent that gave him a heart for first-time home buyers.
  • The accepted definition of “affordable housing.”
  • The scope of the problem.
  • Why Jon believes Inclusionary Zoning is a must to address the current housing crisis
  • … and much … much … more.

Thank you for stopping by today as it is my hope you will listen … learn … and connect!

About Jon

Jon Thaxton creates and implements Gulf Coast Community Foundation’s key strategies for transforming our region’s nonprofit community and provides leadership on emerging issues. Jon joined Gulf Coast in 2012 as director of community investment after completing his 12th year of service on the Sarasota County Commission. He was promoted to senior vice president in 2015.

In this role, Jon works with nonprofit organizations, donors, and other community partners to invest Gulf Coast resources in initiatives that will transform our region and improve public policies.

Jon is also recognized throughout Florida as a leading advocate for protecting the natural environment. Jon began his environmental advocacy at Venice High School in 1974 as a founding member of the Ecology Club, and in 1996 he was featured in National Geographic for his efforts to protect endangered species.

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