A “Champion for the Underdog” Overcomes Financial and Professional Setbacks to Build a Successful Digital Agency – with Chris Williams of Aginto.com | Episode 044

Whenever you enter the competitive world of business at some point you’re going to get “hit”. It may be from a layoff as an employee, or it could as an owner when your business gets slammed after the economy takes a substantial turn for the worse.

The latter is what happened to today’s guest. He was forced to recreate himself after the 2008-2012 real estate debacle destroyed his business and his finances.

I’m very pleased to welcome, Chris Williams of Aginto.com

Chris will share with us today …

  • One surprising thing most people don’t know about him
  • Why he chose the Digital Media Space
  • What’s been the toughest part of getting traction in this industry
  • What’s been the most gratifying part
  • How he bounced back from the 2008-2012 real estate crash
  • Why he considers himself “a champion for the underdog for those who feel counted” out
  • His recent experience with the Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance Mentor Connect
  • Why he became an enthusiastic board member of the Salvation Army

… and much, much, more…

I’m so glad you joined us today – it is my hope that you will listen, learn and connect!