Ladies: If You Want Swanky, Have I Got The Place For You – With Gretchen Bauer, Founder/Designer, BSwanky Luxury Handbags Episode | 117

We all want something unique especially when it reflects our personality and style.

Of course our clothing and home furnishings come to mind.

However, one local company has taken women’s accessories way beyond crafted to individual works of art.

I’m very pleased to welcome Gretchen Bauer, Founder/Designer of BSwanky Luxury Handbags.

In this episode, you’ll learn …

  • One thing most people don’t know about Gretchen
  • How she made the transition from a 20-year career in interior design to luxury handbags
  • How she ended up working with NFL wives during the recent Super Bowl weekend
  • Why Bswanky was a finalist for the prestigious Accessories Council in NY
  • How she leverages her luxury handbags to raise money for charity
  • … and much much more!

I’m so glad you stopped by today as it is my hope you will listen… learn … and connect!




My passion is rooted in designing and creating one of a kind works of art that elevate the women who carry them. Fearless and bold describe my approach to design. I believe that inspiration can come from anywhere including the very exotics I incorporate. I often claim “they speak to me and I choose to listen”. Each element meticulously handcrafted into one of our luxury handbags has a story that is often nearly as important as the visual aesthetic of the material. I insist on pushing the boundaries by fearlessly pairing the most unconventional patterns, textures, and colors where no two of our legacy pieces will ever be exactly alike.

Never boring, and always bold, I believe that standing out is much more adventurous than blending in!

Our luxury handbags we handcraft are designed to be coveted, collected and passed down.

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