Ancient Mediterranean Recipes — at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market | Episode 007

One of the real treasures of the Sarasota Area is the downtown Farmers’ Market which is open year-round, every Saturday from 7-1 pm. If you have not been, you simply must go and try a variety of foods, drinks and music from more than 70 vendors.

While hard to say what’s my favorite, finding a fresh take on gourmet ethnic foods is a real treat. Today I share one vendor I recently discovered whose Mediterranean recipe has been in their family for generations.

In this episode, I talk with Pam and Jim Pulsifer. Originally from the Boston area, Pam & Jim relocated to Sarasota with their children to begin a food brokerage company. Twenty-two years later they sold this company to retire. Like so many talented and creative couples who find themselves retired a little too early, the Pulsifer’s decided to start another business to fit their current lifestyle.

But what?

And they hit upon an idea – Why not take Pam’s fresh humus and Baba ghanoush recipes she grew up with, as a first generation immigrant of Lebanese parents to the Farmers’ Market? And presto! AUTHENTICALLY LEBANESE was born.

In this episode I ask the Pulsifers…

What life was like before starting ‘Authentically Lebanese’?… What was it about Pam’s heritage that inspired the Pulsifers to start their company?… As a husband and wife team, what are the challenges/rewards in working in a business together?…and much much more!

I’m so glad you joined us today, and as always it is my hope that you will listen, learn and connect!