She’s A Rising Sarasota Realtor, Entrepreneur, Author, and Speaker – with Alahna Nicolas | Episode 146

Some studies show that only the death of a loved one and divorce are more stressful than moving to a new home. But these studies focus on adults and not children.

One talented, local realtor (and mother) saw this problem and decided to write a children’s book to deal with this very real problem.

Hi, I’m your host Bob Williams and I’m very pleased to welcome Alahna Nicolas of Living Vogue Real Estate.

In this episode, you’ll hear …

  • One thing most people don’t know about Alahna
  • What she wished everyone knew about being a realtor
  • What she’s seeing in the market right now
  • Where the idea for writing a children’s book came from
  • Where you can reach Alahna for your real estate needs
  • … an much, much more!

Thank you for listening in today as it is my hope you will listen … learn … and connect!

About Alahna…

Alahna Nicolas is a REALTOR, entrepreneur, author, and speaker. Growing up, she always knew that I wanted to do something impactful. She loves the thrill of solving problems and volunteering.

Alahna Nicolas endeavors to provide her clients with a professional, personalized, and pleasant experience, whether reading to the kiddos or working in Real Estate. Distinguished by an entrepreneurial spirit and positive attitude, Alahna approaches each transaction with efficiency & enthusiasm. She relishes the thrill of problem-solving and meets the many challenges that often occur during escrow head-on and with composure, fidelity & acuity.

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