Archive Dive: Why One US Soldier Studied California Wines While Fighting in Iraq — with Vigo Onstad | Episode 140

Ever wonder what a US soldier fighting in Iraq does during their downtime? You study up on quality wines of course! Sound strange to you? Sounded strange to me too until I met one former soldier who decided to educate himself on all things wine as he prepared to join his fiancé in the California wine culture after his tour was up. 

Years later and after a move to the Sarasota Area with his now-wife, he continues “first-hand research” on the local wine culture and shares his findings with a very cool blog he and a friend started two years ago.

Today, I am very pleased to welcome Eric “Vigo” Onstad of The Unassuming Wine Bros blog.

Vigo and his good friend, Patrick started writing their blog in 2020 in order to be a local resource and provide a fun way to learn and discover new wines. Each month they feature a wine that could be from anywhere in the world then share their findings with their readers. They also share the price they paid and where to buy these wines locally. If you want to increase your wine knowledge then you won’t want to miss today’s episode.

In today’s episode. you’ll learn

  • What prompted Vigo to learn about wines in the most inhospitable surrounding
  • How he met his co-writer and why they started decided to start a wine blog
  • How they choose wines to write about
  • What you’ll learn from reading their blog.
  • And much, much more …

I’m so glad you joined us today and as always it is my hope that you will listen, learn and connect!

The Unassuming Wine Bros(UWB) (Patrick Duggan and Vigo Onstad) are two regular guys who love everything about wine, including writing about it. Our goal is to explore the nuances of wine and share our adventures and having fun along the way.