The Man Non-Profit Boards Turn To For Help With Their Strategic Plans – with Michael Corley – Founder & CEO OF The Corley Company | Episode 084

The non-profit space is completely different from organizations in the more familiar rough-and-tumble world of for-profit. Non-profits are typically driven by a philanthropic vision and are required to spend wisely the funds that are entrusted to them.

However, like all organizations, non-profits need a defined strategy calibrated to their overall mission.

I’m very pleased to have on our show today Michael Corley – Founder & CEO of The Corley Company. The Corley Company specializes in helping non-profit boards “Think Boldly, Make Decisions and Take Action.”

In this episode, you’ll learn …

  • One thing most people don’t know about Michael
  • How serving others led to his strategic expertise in the non-profit space
  • Success stories Michael was able to facilitate
  • Who should reach out to Michael
  • …. and much … much … more!

Thank you for stopping by today it is my hope you will listen… learn … and connect!