Could it Be? A Healthy Drink from Colonial Times Making a Comeback – with Tony Zook Founder of Colonial Shrubs | Episode 041

Just when you think you’ve heard of every type of food or drink there is, someone digs back in time to surprise us with an elixir that was used hundreds of years ago.

My guest today is Tony Zook. Founder and owner of “Shrubs”, as Tony will share, are not the bushes and hedges we know today but an old English term for an incredibly flavorful and fermented, organic elixir used for a variety of drinks, marinades, and even desserts.

I think you’ll enjoy hearing Tony explain…

  • What shrubs are and where they came from
  • How Tony discovered shrubs with a friend who was experimenting with fermentation
  • Why Tony decided to start his own shrubs business
  • The surprising reaction people have when they first try Colonial Shrubs
  • Where Tony is taking his business
  • Where you can buy Colonial Shrubs
  • … and much … much … more!

Thank you for stopping in today

It is my hope that you will listen … learn … and connect!