If You Have a Yard or Grow Medical Marijuana You Definitely Need to Listen to This — with Scott Allshouse of Sarasota Green Group | Episode 056

Many seasoned “corporate guys” are recruited to lead small startups because they have the experience, vision, and leadership to get the job done. My guest today is one of those people and is doing some fascinating work in the organic marijuana and gardening space right here in Sarasota.

I am very pleased to introduce Scott Allshouse, President & CEO of Sarasota Green Group.

Scott will share with us …

  • Why he took the CEO job with a start-up company in the Medical Marijuana and Organic Gardening space after a successful career with such household names as Heinz and Campbell Soup
  • How his background in strategy is helping him grow the Sarasota Green Group
  • The difference between their two product lines Earth’s Ally & Grower’s Ally
  • What the future looks like for this fascinating company
  • … and much much more!

I’m so glad you stopped by today. It is my hope that you will listen .. learn and most importantly connect!