Ancient Hungarian Pastry Leads to a New Life and a Thriving Business – with Aniko Gulyas, Owner of Kurtos Chimney Cakes | Episode 040

Let’s face it: Sarasota is holding its own in the foodie category. Seems like every month you read in SRQ or Sarasota Magazine about a new restaurant featuring cuisine from far-away places.

So I was very happy to interview one local woman who brought an incredibly tasty pastry from her home in Hungary where the recipe dates back over 300 years.

Today, I’m pleased to welcome Aniko Gulyas, Owner of Kurtos Chimney Cake Sandwich Shop located at 1314 Main Street in downtown Sarasota.

Aniko is going to share with us …

  • Where Kurto’s cakes came from
  • Why she decided to bring them to Sarasota
  • The challenges Aniko faced in her business over the years
  • How she is Americanizing her menu by creating new food groups from the original recipe
  • What has surprised her most about her entrepreneurial journey
  • … and much much more

Thank you for spending your valuable time with us today. And as always it is my hope that you will listen … learn … and connect!