He Looks Just Like Thor and Owns a Training Center to Match – with Bryce Johnston of Asgard Training Center | Episode 043

Every once in a while you meet someone who indeed looks like a fabled character. They can be exceedingly tall and burly like a Paul Bunyan, or exceedingly powerful like the Norse god Thor.

My guest today is the strength athlete, bodybuilder, and gym owner of the hard-core Asgard Training Center in Bradenton, Bryce Johnston. (And folks when you visit his Instagram/Facebook pages you’ll see what I mean about Bryce looking like Thor).

Bryce is going to share with us…

  • Why his father had such a significant influence on his sports life.
  • When Bryce decided to open his own gym.
  • Why he decided not to go with a franchise.
  • Why he chose a strongman-type business instead of all the other options.
  • What’s his take on Nutrition to build strength.
  • What’s surprised him most about owning his own gym.
  • Where he hopes to take Asgard Training Center.
  • How you can find out more to see if its the right gym for you.
  • … and much, much … more!

Thank you for joining us today and remember to Listen … Learn … and Connect!