Part 2: An Amish Internet Company? Yes, You Heard That Right – with Jim Miller Founder/CEO of JMX Brands | Episode 100

(This is part 2 of a 2 part series)

The Amish”

If you’re like me I visualize bearded men, white hats, plain clothing, women in ankle-length dresses with white bonnets, riding bicycles, or driving a horse-drawn carriage.

I also think furniture: sturdy, country-style furniture built to last generations.

I didn’t know until recently is there is a fascinating Internet-based company right here in Sarasota that helps over 120 Amish craftsmen sell their furniture all around the world.

I’m very pleased to welcome Jim Miller, Founder & CEO of JMX Brands today.

In this episode #2, you’ll learn …

  • Why JMX Brands try to promote from within
  • About the many industry awards, DutchCrafters has won.
  • Why their other brand is especially focussed on sustainability
  • … and much, much, more!

Thank you for stopping by today and do remember to listen … learn … and connect!